Introducing Target UV & UV Gray Card

Developed and patented by UVInnovations℠ for accurate and repeatable imaging of UVA induced visible fluorescence.* ISA is the exclusive worldwide manufacturer and distributor.

UV Innovations℠ reference targets and protocols increase the accuracy of images depicting fluorescence. Tests by some of the world’s leading collecting institutions show up to five times improved accuracy and repeatability. Useful for:

  • Art conservation
  • Art authentication
  • Forensic science
  • Medical imaging: dermatology, dentistry and pathology
  • Scientific imaging: biology and mineralogy

This target set includes one Target UV-Gray™ (4” x 6”) for field-of-view white balance and one double sided Target-UV™ in-line target (5” x 1.25”) with four different levels of fluorescence intensity. PECA 918 (IR cut) and Wratten 2e (UV cut) are required filters for most cameras.

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